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6-Pack Special - Honduran Red Point


6-Pack Special - Honduran Red Point

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Product Description

Honduran Red Point Cichlids are great fish for the beginning breeder. These fish, though small in stature, exhibit some of the most amazing parental behaviors among the Central American cichlids. Fearless and unrelenting in the defense of their eggs and fry, Red Points can and will take on fish many times their size and win the battle. Even your fingers will become a target. When ready to spawn, both fish will intensify in color. The female will select and then clean a spawning site. Following some courtship displays, as many as 300 eggs will be laid. The female takes responsibility for guarding and tending them, while the male patrols the perimeters of the territory, keeping all-comers at bay.

Although Honduran Red Points make excellent introductory species for the novice breeder, they are not recommended as a community fish. Downright aggressive when defending territory and intensley fierce during breeding season, very few fish species will be tolerated by the Red Points. They do well, provided adequate space and sufficient territorial markers, with other large, robust Central American cichlids.

Bred here at Gunpowder Aquatics

Common Name: Honduran Red Point

Species: Archocentrus sp. Honduran Red Point "Rio Danli"

Habitat: flowing waters of rivers 

Sizes Available: small - 1-1.5"                            

Maximum Standard Length: 8-15cm (3.2 - 6")

Temperature24 – 28 °C

pH6.0 – 8.0

Hardness90 – 447 ppm

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