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Gunpowder Aquatics is a small, family-owned tropical fish farm and web-based retailer located in Wimauma, Florida. Based in the Tropical Fish Farming capital of the United States, we are able to offer a huge selection of fish and aquarium plants direct from Florida farms and local breeders. With support from the University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Lab and the Florida Tropical Fish Farmer's Association, we have access to the very best in knowledge, resources and supplies to help keep our breeding and retail operations competitive and current with today's industry demands.

Why buy from us? Simply put, the best farm-raised fish in the nation come from the Tampa region and surrounding areas. Other websites and Fish Stores have to buy from our local distributors, who have to buy from the local farmers and breeders and then ship them across the country to the various retail outlets. We get many of our fish direct from the producers and we pick them out and pick them up ourselves. Many of the fish you see on our site are produced right here at Gunpowder Aquatics with Corydoras, Flagfish, Gobies and Rainbows comprising the bulk of our production. We continuously try new fish and strive to develop new protocols for less common or over-collected fish facing extinction or habitat destruction.

With many African and South American imports entering the United States through Miami and Tampa, we also have access to a wide variety of wild-caught fish. Our selection changes continuously so check back often or send us an email throught the "Contact Us" tab and we'll see if we can locate what you are looking for.

Many of you ask where we got our name. Gunpowder Aquatics takes our name from the scenic Gunpowder River that flows into the Chesapeake Bay in Northern Maryland. I was lucky enough to grow up right near the mouth of the beautiful and historic river and the Gunpowder Falls State Park. My love for fish and water was born on the Gunpowder and our company name pays homage to this wonderful gift that Mother Nature provided for us as children.

Thanks for visiting Gunpowder Aquatics!

Richard, Christine and Zoran Gelok